Lenovo Filez partners with TRANSSION Holdings
Connecting intelligence to promote global deployment

TRANSSION Holdings: A backbone in global emerging markets and the mobile phone industry, and one of the top 50 Chinese Overseas Brand Builders

  • Ranking among global mobile phone manufacturers

  • Total share of the African market

  • Areas covered by global business

  • Extensive business layout

    Transsion's global business boasts multiple manufacturing centers across the world, with its sales and service network covering over 70 countries and regions

  • Poor infrastructure

    Unbalanced infrastructure construction in some countries and regions results in communication difficulties and obstructions

  • Complex transmission requirements

    Not only do the high latency requirements of long-distance bulk data transmission need to be dealt with, but the complexity of the end data distribution and transmission scenarios in low-bandwidth environments also needs to be addressed

  • Difficult data management

    A large amount of data needs to be distributed to the frontend of the sales and service network. Storage is scattered, with a lack of effective supervision of data transmission and management

  • Inconvenient file transmission

    The company's original information transmission solution does not perform well in international transmission, and the transmission speed and quality cannot be guaranteed

  • Low collaborative efficiency

    Faced with poor network infrastructure, traditional collaborative approaches are limited by various obstacles that reduce productivity

  • Communication barriers

    Barriers obstruct file transmission between China and other countries, resulting in slow business communication and the failure to meet the needs of different businesses

  • Lack of data supervision

    Traditional international data transmission is facing unprecedented security challenges amid increasing attacks on network infrastructure worldwide

  • Data centers across the globe ensure unimpeded international transmission

    Multiple data centers across five continents ensure unhindered global file transmission

  • Leading technology guarantees high-quality and fast transmission

    Lenovo Filez's global synchronization technology allows global data synchronization in minutes, while our industry-leading differential transmission technology reduces storage and bandwidth by 40%

  • Global acceleration solutions to meet the demands of different business scenarios

    Single-point acceleration, multi-point acceleration, and global acceleration solutions offer strategies for data transmission tailored to various complex business scenarios

  • Multiple security protection mechanisms safeguard files

    Two-factor authentication, the world's best security scanning and vulnerability detection capabilities, and multiple backup and encryption mechanisms safeguard files

  • Wider transmission range

    Businesses worldwide can be intelligently connected with businesses in China, greatly improving the speed and quality of international transmission

  • More efficient transmission experience

    With automatic breakpoint resume transmission, differences in network infrastructure and time zones are no longer causes for concern, and the entire process can run without manual supervision

  • More diverse transmission solutions

    Data transmission can meet different business needs in real time with faster and more efficient file uploads and downloads

  • More secure transmission environment

    More secure transmission environment

TRANSSION Holdings has conducted a large number of multinational operations throughout the course of its development, and frequent file transmission and collaboration with manufacturing centers is required. The global deployment capability of Lenovo Filez fully meets the needs of TRANSSION Holdings, making the company’s business transactions more secure, efficient and convenient.

——TRANSSION Holdings