Enterprise File Collaboration and Management Suite

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Flexible Deployment Options


Public Cloud

Meets all kinds of client business needs with flexible service and pricing modes

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Hybrid Cloud

Great performance, highest data security at a reasonable cost by our NG hybrid architecture

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Provide locally deployed, secure and controlled private cloud solutions to meet the IT construction needs of enterprise file management

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Enterprise file consolidation

Desktop backup

Automatically backup local files to cloud

Intelligent search

Support full-text search with multiple criteria to locate the specific file in seconds

Version control

Preview, comparison, filtering, tagging, recovery, and download of Max 999 versions in one panel

Deletion protection

Multi-level trash protection rules keeping files away from maliciously or accidentally deleting especially to the departing employees

Enterprise file management

10-billions files management

Massive file storage and management with fragmentation technology reduces data redundancy and reduces costs

Role-based folder and file template

Enforcing the documentation life cycle procedure by File,Folder and Role-based Permission templates

100+ permission templates

Flexible combination of 11 basic permissions save tons of time of authorization

Multi-level authorization

There are various different administrator roles for Enterprise to adapt the ITIL and Compliance requirements relate to the business target

Hand-off file with just a click

Quickly hand-off file of departing employees to avoid content lost


Collaboration workspace

Real-time collaborative editing

Real-time collaborative editing to activate unlimited creativity

File sharing

Sharing file/folders via links with approval control by policy-based permissions

File collection

Add comments to the file and @ your teams to spark discussions

File distribution

Collecting files through a traceable task to ensure collection efficiency and secure

Mobile work

Preview on mobile devices

Online preview of various file formats, including office, CAD and other professional file types

Upload photos with mobile client

Sync photos and videos to cloud with automated rename settings to organize the files faster

Mobile file editing

Online editing Office files supported with content filling

Mobile app integration

Integrate into various types of apps to keep work flowing across the apps you already use


Security & compliance

Secure storage and transfer

Prevents illegal data restructure with unique technology, 2048-bit online banking certificate to ensure the transfer security

Access control

Supports 2-step authentication that can verify the visitor by checking their IP address, access method, location or device pinning setting

Content security

Watermark, file encryption, sensitive content auto-tagging to prevent content from leaking

Behavior tracking

Trace and analyze illegal behaviors through AI based log system in real-time

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