Lenovo Filez partners with China Development Bank
Empowering smart finance through cloud office

China Development Bank: The world's largest development-oriented financial institution and the Chinese bank that issues the most mid-term and long-term credit and the most bonds

  • First-level branch

  • Overseas representative office

  • Employees

  • Scattered file storage

    Branches are spread across the country and even around the world, with a wide business distribution and frequent cross-regional file transmission

  • Frequent material sharing

    Unbalanced infrastructure construction in some countries and regions results in communication difficulties and obstructions

  • Frequent remote work

    Employees often need to work off-site due to the features of the industry and organizational structure, so they often need to access files remotely

  • Many collaboration scenarios between the head office and branches

    Prompt synchronization and communication of information are needed when the head office and branches cooperate in the production of a document

  • High demand for file backup

    A large number of files are scattered across employees' personal intranet terminal, so disk damage and events may result in the loss of files

  • Low transmission efficiency

    File distribution often relies on email, UC, SVN, and other traditional methods, which have low transmission efficiency and are prone to resource loss

  • Inconvenient off-site access

    When employees of the head office and branches need to access local terminal resources off-site, file access is inconvenient and slow

  • Inconvenient team collaboration

    There are many inconveniences in collaboratively editing the same document within a department or across departments

  • Real-time synchronous backup allows secure file storage

    The synchronous disk function is used for two-way local/cloud synchronization of corporate files, providing real-time backup to prevent the loss of important data

  • Flexible permission management and control guarantees file transmission security

    We provide sharing methods with multi-layer security and permission protection to ensure both the flexible use and controllability of shared files. Global file transmission can break through file size restrictions and deliver large files in minutes

  • Carry your office with you wherever you go

    The massive cloud storage space keeps employees connected with the files they need at all times. Wherever employees are, they will be able to enjoy the same efficient file use experience as when they are in the office

  • Multi-user collaboration opens up communication channels between teams

    The multi-user online editing function builds an open, stable cloud collaboration platform for employees, facilitating collaborative editing and team communication without barriers

  • Sustainable data assets

    A large amount of files originally scattered across personal intranet terminals are now stored in a data pool centrally managed and supervised by the enterprise, which greatly improves the sustainability and inheritance of data assets

  • Improved transmission efficiency

    Traditional file transmission methods are replaced by an intelligent multi-data center solution, which effectively solves the bandwidth problem. This provides more secure and efficient data aggregation and notification delivery between the head office and branches

  • Faster response to work issues

    By empowering users with the ability to access files at any time, our solution allows employees at the head office and branches to respond to questions, follow up on project progress, and accelerate business operations in a timely manner when they are outside the office

  • Inspires teams to create potential

    Multi-user real-time online editing allows simultaneous discussion and collaboration, exponentially increasing teamwork efficiency and creating greater business value in a shorter time

Lenovo Filez is deeply integrated with our business system. Communication and collaboration channels have been established between various branches throughout China, significantly improving the efficiency of file management within the company. We believe that, with the assistance of Lenovo Filez, our financial services will continue to improve.

——China Development Bank