Improved File System
for Global Transmission


SHISEIDO:Japan famous cosmetics brand

  • Founded

  • Member companies

  • Employees

  • Countries and regions

  • Scattered businesses

    SHISEIDO's business is spread all over the world, with 96 companies in more than 120 countries and regions

  • Difficult management

    It is difficult to coordinate with internal and external departments. Frequent file updates lead to data preservation and management difficult

  • Security controls are strict

    Data sharing and distribution have strict control requirements

  • Rough authorization

    The permission control of the existing file server is relatively simple, which cannot meet the requirements of fine authority management and has the risk of data leakage

  • External collaboration is inefficient

    Security controls are strict. The outgoing path of data is largely isolated. External file collaboration is extremely inconvenient

  • Demand for bandwidth continues to rise

    Internet bandwidth is needed when files transmitted through email or other Internet means. the demand for bandwidth increases year after year. Bandwidth upgrades are costly

  • Improved authority system

    SHISEIDO allocates enough space for every departments and gives different authorities to each staff. With multiple sharing ways, offices at home and abroad can share data in real time

  • Efficient online editing

    Lenovo Filez supports co-editing in the cloud, saving time of sending emails and increasing collaboration efficiency

  • Effective external collaboration

    The files are Shared and distributed through the file link. The outgoing data can only be effective after being approved, and the validity and download times can be limited, which improves the security and promotes the office efficiency

  • Dedicated line saves bandwidth costs

    Dedicated line are used to access the public cloud, and there is no upgrade pressure on bandwidth. Meanwhile, all data transmission through dedicated line also increases the security of data.

  • Reduction in cost

    With low building cost and quick deployment, Lenovo Filez meets the urgent need of data exchange. Its authority control system enables a flat management, thus reducing the cost of data maintenance

  • Improved efficiency

    Global multiple data centers and oversea acceleration technology enables a gigabyte-scale file cross-border transmission. Through user group management, one can found a virtual team quickly and thus share the data quickly

  • Security

    An improved authority control and encryption system ensures data security

  • Great usability

    Equipped with a user-friendly interface and a 7×24 customer service, Lenovo Filez is easy to learn. Its ability to sync among devices provides a complete user experience