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With the development of specialized fields, companies must build IT systems to meet increasing business needs. However, 80% of the files of a company are scattered across different systems and devices, so data assets cannot be effectively integrated and utilized. Users must frequently switch between various systems, and the resulting data islands result in low office efficiency while duplicate IT investment becomes an increasingly serious problem. Therefore, companies urgently need to adopt professional technology to aggregate files from entire processes, explore the value hidden in data, and obtain support for their business decisions.

Solution introduction
The Lenovo Filez enterprise file bus solution better interconnects systems to facilitate unified file management. It helps companies establish comprehensive security systems, implement centralized data management based on files, ensure file uniqueness, and make it easier and more convenient to use files, while conserving IT resources, improving management decision-making, and optimizing innovation.
  • Standard API/SDK/H5, easy to connect to various mobile platforms
  • Loosely coupled service architecture and plug-and-play connections for on-demand changes
  • Provides simple and fast online development methods to quickly connect multiple business systems
  • Empowers business systems and enhances the file service capabilities of existing systems
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