High quality infrastructure around the globe to ensure a complete transmission

The original transmission way has an unsatisfactory performance in global transmission, which cannot guarantee the speed and quality.

Multiple data centers in five continents, ensuring a smooth transmission worldwide

Guaranteed high QoS with the global high speed backbone network

Cutting-edge technology to guarantee an extremely fast transmission

Limited by obstacles in global transmission, the traditional way of collaboration hinders your daily needs of cross-border data exchange. Having provided many multinational companies with a stable sharing and collaboration platform, Lenovo Box is your best weapon in doing business.

Unique synchronization technology enables data syncing in a blink

Leading lightning transmission technology reduces waste of storage and bandwidth by 40% and increase the speed to ten times faster

There is no need to take time difference into account with an automated resumble file transfer

High transport efficiency global collaboration

Through Lenovo Box, Siemens shared and distributed documents with its partners and subsidiaries in different regions of the world and ensures the security of file transmission.

Real-time data backup to a remote server. Online banking application-level SSL encryption technology. Providing global advanced security system

Greatly improve the efficiency of cross-border file transfer

Enterprise customization page and the English version for international corporate

A trusted partner

Partner with multiple multinational corporations