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For more information, please send email to us:

For more information, please send email to us:



Minimum purchase:

10 users * 12 months

Free Trail


Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Lenovo zOffice


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Global speedup

Global speedup(single point)

Global speedup(multi-points)


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Customization and branding

AD Integration

Open API providing

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per user/month

200 GB secure storage
Minimum 3 users,Max
10 users

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per user/month

1 TB secure storage
Minimum 10 users

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per user/month

3 TB secure storage
Minimum 10 users

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Enterprise Plus

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Unlimited storage
Minimum 30 users

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File sharing and collaboration
and Transfer globally,
Ideal for small teams.

Managed File sharing
Mobile Access(iOS,Android,iPad)
Version history
(up to 200 per file with Milestone
Labels and Remark)
Central Management
Aurora Transmission System(Global
transmission acceleration

Edit Collaboratively
Basic Security control

Includes all Starter features and:
Lenovo zOffice
(zOffice online editing)
Preview watermark
Client access control

Advanced admin controls more
capabilities, and enhanced
Security controls

Includes all Business features and:
Approval of documents
AI classification for files
Professional File Preview(CAD,3D)
2-Factor Identity
Authentication SDK

Content management with
enhanced security, Custom branding
and Compliance requirements

Includes all Enterprise features and:
Digital Rights Management
Data Loss Prevention
Secure file links
Customerization User interface
In-region data storage
(Global 25 DataCenter Support-
ed,AWS, Azure, Aliyun)

File Management

Rich File Preview

Support online preview for over 100 file formats, such as .pdf and .ai

File Access

Flexible control of file access to ensure secure sharing


Quickly lock files based on a combination of search criteria

File Version History

999 file version history and one-click recovery

Data Delete & Recovery

Options of regularly recordable deletion and securedata wipe


Support to sync everything on Web and PC, iOS, Android and Pad


Real-time collaborative editing

High-efficiency of collaborators real-time editing

Dynamic Notifications

Activity and file change notifications to all team members

File locking

Support file with lock feature to prevent changes

Internal File sharing

Multi access for secure collaboration

Link Sharing

One-click sharing, quick and secure

Company Announcements

Publishing business bulletins with higher efficiency

Mobile work

Multi Terminals


Online Editor

Online editor for the common document types

Camera Uploads

Shoot and upload directly with renaming support

Unified Management

Upload files from third party applications to Lenovo Box for unified management

Social sharing

Support file sharing with expiration dates and passwords to social networks such as WeChat , QQ and so on

Real-time notifications

Better efficiency with instant message notifications

Background Management

Usage Analysis Report

Monitor data of enterprise users, storage resources and file usage

User Management

Unified management of multi-user organizations with existing administrative organizational structures

Logs analysis

Detailed team activity logs to ensure traceability

Flexible Permissions

Support different permission levels to meet various needs

Flexible Global Settings

Including enterprise information, security settings on accounts and devices, access settings to devices, types settings of message notification, etc


Exclusive Domain Name

Custom first-level domain name

Logo Customization

Customize logo and name for your company

Page Customization

Support customization for pages

Authentication system docking

Support AD domain,established SSO for unified authentication

Open API providing

Providing open APIs for further development

Security & compliance


Storage Isolated and encrypted storage of file block and metadata


Bank-grade security, supporting 256-bit AES and SSL encryption


Internal Audit Strict US standard quality control process and periodically audit by Lenovo Global IT Security

Independent Audit

Adopting a top security and vulnerability scanner

Account Security

Support account 2-step verification

Device Management

Powerful administrative functions to support filtering by device ID and IP address


Support both standard and customized authority control settings


For the first and many times as a SaaS provider to pass Trusted Cloud Certification(TCC)

International Certifications

International Certifications: ISO20000 and ISO 27000

Advanced Features

Secure File Link

The reading duration and times of the linked files can be set.Effective distribution while keeping files safe.

File Link Approval

Support file link approval. The link must be approved to take effect.

Intelligent classification of sensitive content

Intelligent identification of file contents.Automatic file classification.

Download File Security

The download file is encrypted to ensure that the content of the file is not compromised

Professional File Preview

Support 3D, CAD file preview

Preview Watermark

Support file preview watermark. Prevent file screenshots.

By deploying Lenovo Box, SHISEIDO improved the applicability of the entire VDI virtual desktop architecture. File management and data distribution have been expanded under the premise of security. Besides, it made full use of dedicated line resources and effectively controlled the overall cost.