Setting up future oriented IT information Architecture



Shenhua Group Corp. is Chinese best coal enterprise in terms of scale and modernization and it's the world's largest coal supplier

  • Market Value

  • the coal gross sales

  • annual net profit

  • wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries

  • Low capacity of system storage

    The existing system storage of Shenhua Group is not only poor in horizontal expansion, but also high in extended price. At the same time, as the business case develops, the demand of higher capacity of system storage and shorter responsible time increases

  • The difficulty of distributing documents

    It’s difficult to transfer a large number of big electronic documents produced in the work processing via mail. The traditional way to solve safety problem is preventing instead of working out, which leads to complex internal procedures

  • Perfect user management and authority control

    Shenhua Group has many users, complex organizational structure, and a number of subordinate branches, and branches under a number of departments and sub departments. Lenovo box has strong custom permission system, the administrator for help every employee in the Shenhua team to give the most reasonable authority

  • Powerful Storage Services

    Lenovo Box provides distributed storage services for Shenhua Group with multipoint deploys to meet bulk data storage and intact management. Flexible capacity expansion of unstructured data storage for the next three years and powerful data guard with the ability to provide node-level fault tolerance

  • Unified Unstructured Data Management Platform

    Except providing standard box application service, Lenovo box also exists as Pass Form in IT system of Shenhua, Lenovo box provides multiple unified unstructured data storage management platform for other applications through full API interface and SDK

  • Efficient business system speed-up tool

    Lenovo helps Shenhua accomplish horizontal data sharing, for instance, the data of mail、OA、mobile portal and other IT system, and also accomplish vertical distributed object storage and use. In business system, users not only can click login to access Lenovo box, but also can select box files directly. This function reduces the storage pressure of business system and also come in closed-loop office

Existing centralized storage 960T capacity
At present, the utilization rate of centralized storage is above 90%
The annual growth rate is about 60TB
This project has a distributed storage capacity of about 2PB
Save construction cost
Late expansion costs are lower

In the case of the same available capacity, the distributed storage saves more than 30%than the traditional storage, and the work efficiency is greatly improved

Customer's review


The success of Lenovo Box and distributed object storage project helps Shenhua Group accomplish safe and high-efficient storage of PB data, and also unstructured data unified management of IT systems. According to statistics, at present, Shenhua has saved 30% cost in storage and the work efficiency of staff improve dramatically

Massive materials of our project progress will be shared within our company and be fast transferred among multiple nodes. After using Lenovo Box, the problems of safe sharing and rapid transmitting data are solved by custom settings of sub-accounts and fold authority.

---Shenhua Group IT department application system Leader Meng minister