Lenovo Box on-premise cloud

Lenovo box supplies On-premise cloud in large and medium-sized enterprises

to provide data centralized storage platform

On-premise cloud can be flexibly expanded based on the actual use and the

whole SDK is provided. It can connect with internal IT system to improve its
capabilities and reduce the data storage cost

Lenovo Box on-premise cloud


Flexible deployment caters to the different needs of enterprises of any size


As large enterprises usually set up multiple divisions and subsidiaries at home and abroad, the traditional centralized IT architecture has been unable to support local transmission and management.

  • Flexible deployment / On-premise cloud can be set up in the enterprises’ computer room and flexibly open, and the outside network pork can be closed, thus satisfying various business requirements
  • Data centers deployment in subsidiaries / Cache mechanism is introduced in the architecture of multiple data centers to ensure efficient data transmission in subsidiaries
  • Fast distribution of and access to data globally / on-premise cloud enable enterprises to directly deploy their data centers to a third-party so as to guarantee the rapid expansion of overseas business.

Lenovo on-premise cloud is a leading and stable system architecture with high availability


In light of the high stability requirement in large and medium-sized enterprises, the Lenovo on-premise cloud, based on special research, has developed the most advanced system architecture with high availability that best fits the needs of China's enterprises.

  • Application service modules are available / On-premise cloud are deployed in multiple nodes, so the multi-master and multi-active modules can be realized. That is to say when one machine malfunctions, the online service of the on-premise cloud is not interrupted.
  • Adopting the leading multi-master database program / Comparing with the ineffective master-slave program of MySQL, it can not only guarantee a non-stop service of the database when a single-node malfunction occurs, but also make breakthroughs in real-time backup, load balancing, performance and expandability
  • Applying the object storage technology / Multiple copies of data blocks can be created after sharing and encrypting the data. And they will be stored in nodes and disks. So the read and write service will not be interrupted, and the data will not be lost even a single-node malfunction occurs

Create a united data storage management platform for enterprises


  • API and SDK are provided / On-premise cloud can be connected with enterprises' IT systems such as email, OA and ERP, providing a unified data storage pool for them. This enables enterprises to manage unstructured data in a unified and professional way, and to efficiently utilize the trans-systems
  • Satisfying the exclusive business needs of enterprises / Satisfying the exclusive business needs of enterprises. Linking the on-premise cloud with other IT systems so as to create more business value out of unstructured data

Advanced distributed object storage system


The advanced distributed object storage system is built especially for enterprises. It is a high cost-effective, flexible system with mass storage and high availability. With only a low cost, enterprises can obtain efficient and reliable storage capacity of unstructured data

  • Redundancy guarantee / It provide the redundancy storage capacity for any number copies of data according to enterprises demand, allowing them to guarantee a high-level and flexible data management
  • Expansion on demand / The storage space can be expanded based on the enterprises' scale of data. Enterprises can purchase more storage space anytime in need, which not only caters to the increasing need of storage, but also cut the storage cost
  • Openness / Amazon S3 API and SDK are provided to rapidly join up with other internal IT systems.
  • Easy management / Visualizing backstage management with button interface is provided for developers and operational people, as well as the functions of data statistics and alert

Assurance of the most professional after sales service nationwide


Upholding the principle of "Customer First", Lenovo has possesses a localized after sales service team around the nation which provides 7×24 after sales service, expecting to bring about the optimal experience for customers

Massive materials of our project progress will be shared within our company and be fast transferred among multiple nodes. After using Lenovo Box, the problems of safe sharing and rapid transmitting data are solved by custom settings of sub-accounts and fold authority.

- Mr. Meng, director of the application system
Shenhua Group