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POWERCHINA International Group Limited: Practitioner of One Belt One Road Initiative

  • Business Segments

  • Countries

  • Overseas Office

  • Countries and regions

  • Scattered businesses

    SINOHYDRO's businesses are conducted in six continents with 160 overseas offices and sub-companies in more than 100 countries and regions

  • Poor infrastructure

    Many programs are conducted in poor and war-torn countries where poor infrastructure cannot guarantee a smooth global communication

  • Difficult management

    Delayed information leads to a hard global collaboration and complex implementation of standardized process. Numbers of programs with a long time span make it hard to manage saved data.

  • Losing files

    Because files and data are stored in employee's personal computer, they will be lost along with the stolen computer.

  • Obstacle in cross-border transmission

    It is not easy to transmit data and files to non-developed countries where bandwidth is low. Besides, a server in Hong Kong lengthens the transmission and makes it fail easier while setting up a special line overseas costs high due to its low utilization rate

  • Difficulty in information management

    Details and sensitive information are stored in employees' PCs, causing a mess in version control. Information will be lost as employee leaves the office. Lacking protection, data asset once lost is lost forever

  • Improved authority system

    SINOHYDRO allocates enough space for every overseas offices and gives different authorities to each staff. With multiple sharing ways, offices at home and abroad can share data in real time

  • Efficient online editing

    Lenovo Filez supports co-editing in the cloud, saving time of sending emails and increasing collaboration efficiency

  • Fast global transmission

    Lenovo’s lighting synchronization technology enables a significant increase in transmission efficiency among departments scattered in 101 countries and regions. Our resemble file transfer brings your team zero time difference, saving labor cost

  • Anytime, anywhere mobile access

    Taking pictures of your program materials at anytime from anywhere ensures most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

  • Project background

    Yavan high-speed rail project was the first time that China's high-speed rail goes global in an all-round way. In terms of global project collaboration, Lenovo box copes with the problem of low bandwidth at home and abroad and increase its management efficiency through centralized data management.

  • Reduction in cost

    With low building cost and quick deployment, Lenovo Filez meets the urgent need of data exchange. Its authority control system enables a flat management, thus reducing the cost of data maintenance

  • Improved efficiency

    Global multiple data centers and oversea acceleration technology enables a gigabyte-scale file cross-border transmission. Through user group management, one can found a virtual team quickly and thus share the data quickly

  • Security

    An improved authority control and encryption system ensures data security

  • Great usability

    Equipped with a user-friendly interface and a 7×24 customer service, Lenovo Filez is easy to learn. Its ability to sync among devices provides a complete user experience

Customer's review


“What we need urgently is to timely monitor the construction progress in different places, and facilitate engineers' collaboration. With Lenovo Filez, we significantly reduce the cost of program project management and increase collaboration efficiency. ”

- POWERCHINA International Group Limited